The Maxi pad is the longest in our range. I has the same amount of layers as the other pads but is 5 cm longer than the Heavy (post partum pad) so gives much more coverage. If you are of a skinny build this pad might be too long for you. First measure your underwear from back elastic to front elastic before considering to buy this pad. For ladies with a fuller figure, this will definitely give you the extra coverage often missing in other sizes.

The AIO pad is convenient to use since it is used on its own without any additional inserts or trifolds. Just secure the pad around the panty gusset and you are good to go. Since you replace the pad at each change, you will need more AIO pads to start off with, but it is quick and there is no placing of inserts required. Something to consider is that you cannot secure added absorbency to the pad and the pad will take longer to dry since all the absorbent layers are stitched into the pad.
The pad consists of a printed cotton top and plain flannel back with hidden PUL for water proofing. Each of the two core layers consist a layer of cotton flannel and a layer of hemp fleece stitched together. It uses KAM snaps on the wings to secure the pad around your panty gusset. The flannel backing helps the pad to grip in the panty and not slip around. The hemp fleece core topper can be replaced with bamboo velour at an additional cost.


AIO Maxi

  • Length 38 cm, open width 18 cm, snapped width 8.5 cm.

  • 2-3 weeks