Please consult the diagram on the photo to select the appropriate shampoo crème or your curl type. Store in the fridge to prolong shelf-life. It is recommended to use them within 2 months when not refrigerated.


Karoo Crème 2A-2C  type hair

A lighter formulation for feeding and strengthening brittle, dry, straight/wavy hair, without making it look greasy. With argan oil, jojoba oil & flaxseed gel.

Curly Crème 3A-3C type hair

A nourishing formulation for conditioning and strengthening brittle, dry, curly hair. With jojoba oil, avocado oil & flaxseed gel.

Coily Crème  4A-4C type hair

A rich formulation for feeding and strengthening brittle, dry, kinky/coily hair, as well as encouraging hair growth. With shea butter, avocado oil & flaxseed gel.


RTS Au Naturel Creme Shampoo

  • If an item is out of stock it is available on Pre-order with 70% deposit. By ordering this product at the MADE TO ORDER section of this store you will go on the list for the pre-order at the listed price. If the order is urgent it can be ordered in at any time but then the full courier amount from the supplier will be for your account. Au Naturel products are ordered every few weeks depending on pre-orders. Contact me if you want to find out when the next order is planned.