Plastic free tooth soap bricks. Each little brick lasts a long time. Simply rub a wet toothbrush lightly on the bar of soap, and brush your teeth. Does not taste like soap!

Tooth Soap – 45g With bentonite clay, pink Himalayan salt & peppermint essential oil.

Tooth Soap Cinnamon - 50g set of 2 blocks. With bentonite clay, sea salt & cinnamon essential oil.

Tooth Soap Combo - 50g set of 2 so you get the best of both! One Peppermint Tooth Soap, one Cinnamon Tooth Soap, in one set.

Toothpaste Kit - The kit consists of a glass Tooth Jar with enough bentonite clay to make 2 batches of Tooth Paste (80g), Tooth Essentials (an organic essential oil blend, enough for 10 batches).  Essential oils should not be added for children under the age of 6 years.


RTS Au Naturel Tooth Soap

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  • Toothpaste Recipe
    The Tooth Paste is very easy to mix up, using everyday household ingredients in addition to the kit.

    NOT INCLUDED:  Boiling water, virgin coconut oil, pink Himalayan salt & raw honey (optional).

    WHY CAN’T I BUY THIS READY-MADE?  Because we do not use preservatives, this toothpaste should be made fresh & stored in the fridge.  It lasts a month or more quite comfortably.