Interlabial pads are small petal shaped pads which are folded or rolled and placed between the labia. It is used for several different reasons and can be used with pads, cups, tampons, and sponges. Depending on the fabric used and thickness (which will depend on what the user is comfortable with) it provides only a small amount of absorption and therefore absorption is not the main reason for using these tiny pads.  It can serve as a backup to catch a little bit of fluid leaking from a cup that is overflowing or not inserted correctly. It is also used to slow down and direct a heavy gush to the middle of the pad instead of the fluid gushing out and spilling over the pad. It is helpful to direct menstrual fluid to the core of the pad, especially if you normally find that your pads mainly get soaked on one side. It can also be used on very light days of the cycle or for everyday use, instead of, or combined with a pantyliner.

RTS Interlabial Pads

  • 11.5 cm x 6 cm

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