Fresh Milk Kefir is thin unsweetened natural "yoghurt". It is full of live probiotic cultures which are far superior to any store bought probiotic supplement. The Kefir can be consumed as is or used in smoothies, over cereal, in baking or used to create delicious fresh fruity yogurt with your favourite fruits in season. Full cream kefir is almost always in stock and low fat or fat free kefir is available on order. Cultured cream and goatsmilk kefir is also available on order. 

RTS Milk Kefir & cultured cream

  • If the kefir is out of stock or not available in lowfat, fat free or goatsmilk, then hop over to the "Made to order" side and order it from there. Depending on pending orders it can be available within 2-4 days. 

  • If you are supplying your own jar for your cultured product then you can select the promo code for your product size and enter the promo code at checkout. Please note this platform only allows 1 promo code per customer. If multiple products are ordered in your own jars please let me know in advance and I can create a custom code for you. Carefully select your promo code according to the size product being ordered. 

    RTSOWNJAR150 for 150g soft cheese or cultered cream

    RTSOWNJAR250 for 250g soft cheese, 150g feta style cheese and 250g kefir or 250g cultured cream

    RTSOWNJAR750 for 750g kefir or bone broth