Jarware Soap Pump

The Jarware Soap Pump is a great addition to help Reuse - Reduce - Recycle.

The pump snaps into your regular mounth (narrow neck) jar ring and is best used for the 460ml capacity jars. With shorter jars you can trim the straw to fit. The pump is easy to use, easy to care for and inherently rust free.

Made from 100% carefully selected, BPA FREE, food safe recycled plastics. This product is dishwasher safe, durable and at the end of its lifespan it can be recycled again. 

RTS Soap Pump

  • If an item is grayed out it can be ordered from the Made to Order section.

  • Jarware products fit most ring jars on our market. Consol, Bell, Kilner and Chine/China are popular choices. Most items snap in and out of rings with ease but some need a really snug fit. Dip the metal ring top in hot water (30-60 sec) and then snap the lid in. Lids that need a snug fit (such as the Tea Infuser) will be difficult to remove and becomes a more permanent fixture in your jar ring - But hey, you will be using it all the time so no need to remove. Just keep an extra ring or two handy in case you want to use the jar for something else in between.