The Slow Down 100% natural wool covers are made from locally sourced Merino wool. The wool has NOT gone through chemical and mechanical descaling to produce superwash wool, and are therefore especially suited for cloth diapering. They will naturally felt a little, leaving the cover even more water resistant. These covers absorb much more lanolin than superwash covers, therefore remain self cleaning for longer with longer wash care intervals. Full care instructions are included with your cover.

Each size has a snap down rise to ensure a good fit on growing bodies. Each cover comes with a wool booster that can be used at night to help keep baby dry and also helps the cover to dry quicker when wash day does arrive. The booster can also be washed and lanolized more often if needed, since it will take the majority of the urine contact in the wetzone. 


The Medium is pretty much the normal OSFM sizing you find on PUL covers. If the covers are well cared for with gentle handling, they will retain their size and stretch.

RTS Wool Cover and booster

  • S 4 kg to 9 kg
    M 7 kg to 15 kg
    L 18 kg to 20 kg


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